Photo Leaks Of Bills Fans Doing Coke At Halftime Of Week 4 Game

Bills fans, not sure if you guys are on a mission to prove something here, but we get it. Ya’ll are some crazy ass people.

It’s only Week 4 of the NFL season and just to name a few, we’ve encountered (and these are just the one we know of):

  • Bills fans face planting into the front of a city bus
  • Bills fans sticking their hands down their girlfriends pants, mid-game
  • Bills fans masturbating to random chicks while tailgating
  • Bills fans knocking himself out while trying to RKO a dummy with a Tom Brady jersey on
  • Bills fans fingering women at the game
  • Bills fans giving out hand jobs to random fans while their boyfriend is away via Craigslist
  • Bills fans jumping off cars belly-flopping into tables until they break

and now this…


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.21.27 PM

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Details that have been confirmed about our snorter,

  • This all went down at halftime.
  • The man with the cocaine was wearing a painted-on Tyrod Taylor Jersey
  • The man and his lady took turns snorting the powered in each other’s laps during the game