Ravens Fans Eat Six Crayons After Team Falls To 1-6 On The Season

Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

Well, I think I just found the most idiotic yet loyal Ravens in the world.

With his team at 1-5 and desperately needing a win to get back on track, Baltimore Ravens fan Ryan Blake figured there was no way the Ravens would lose to the Arizona Cardinals this past Monday. Now, I know it’s shocking to see the Ravens at 1-5 and many people still can’t believe their 1-5 considering all 5 loses could have been wins but the Arizona Cardinals are pretty good too.

However, Blake was confident his team would win so he made a “bet.” A bet usually consist of money but not this bet. Instead, he said he would eat six (one for each loss) purple crayons if the Ravens lost to the Cardinals. News Flash: The Ravens did lose to the Cardinals 26-18 and fell to 1-6.

But being a man of his words, Blake paid up on his bet by eating the crayons each with a different condiment.

Here’s what Blake told BaltimoreRavens.com about his experience:

I haven’t thought much about future games yet. I’m willing to make this same bet if we lose to Bye Week. I hear they have a shaky secondary and we should be able to exploit them. I’m sure I’ll at least do something for the next Steelers game.

In conclusion, kids, don’t try this at home.