Hurricanes Pull Off Possibly The Greatest Play In College Football History

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Big House Blunder, Georgia Tech Blocked FG …and now this. What a last few weeks in college football.

The Miami Hurricanes just pulled off one of the greatest plays in college football history to beat Duke.

After Duke marched down the field with minutes to go to go up on the Canes with 6 seconds left, the game was all but over. With just a kick and a tackle to end it, the Hurricanes special teams ran took the kick and lateraled it 8 times and eventually took it to the house with zeros on the clock.


Corn Edler, the teams best defender was the man who took it into the end zone after seemingly the entire Miami team touched the ball. Elder was called for two controversial pass-interference calls on Duke’s scoring drive previous to the kick. Disney couldn’t even write this stuff.

The play took 46 seconds and was reviewed twice for a total of a staggering 9 minutes following the TD.

What’s funny about this is the game’s commentator unassumingly mentioned that Duke should kick the ball out of bounds and take the penalty to avoid the improbable, and yet, the improbable just happened.

Miami perhaps saved their season a week after firing their coach and suffering the worse loss in their prestigious program’s history, beating a division contender and staying in the race for the ACC Coastal.

Former Canes always stay close to their alma mater and Steelers Sean Spence had one epic reaction which he tweeted out following the play: