Reggie Bush Runs Out-Of-Bounds, Slips & Runs Into Wall, Injures Himself…Again

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Only Reggie Bush could run out of bounds to attempt to not get injured, and injure himself.

The same wall which took out Browns quarterback Josh McCown during Week 7 when the Browns visited the Rams, strikes again.

During the first quarter of the 49ers Rams game Sunday in St. Louis, Reggie Bush ran out of bounds of his own, only to slip on a concrete area the surrounds the wall which is essentially where the stadiums seating begins, injuring his knee.


The injury-prone Bush is questionable but will likely not return to the game.

Sources say the Patriots will be investigated by the league for the matter, as there may be some tampering with other team’s cleats. #Wallgate

But in all seriousness, it will be interesting to see how the Rams assess this uncovered concrete area in due time which has become an obvious danger, as it’s helped injure two pivotal opposing players in two weeks.

As of 5:30 ET it it reported that Bush may have torn his ACL.