The Final Play, Through The Eyes Of Poor Browns Fans

Living in Cleveland is bad enough, but being a Browns fan just takes it over the top. It’s beyond laughable, almost to the point where you start to feel back for them, the fans of a city who hasn’t won a championship since 1963 and continue to invent ways to lose.

The Browns lost in Primetime on Monday Night Football on a blocked potential game-winning FG, taken back to the house by Will Hill of the Ravens.

One Browns fan thought he was being clever recording the game winning kick, which turned into a hilarious video of disappointment. This kid literally started walking out before he was sure Hill was even going to take it all the way back! He already knew!

But the humor didn’t stop there, another POV video taken during the last play shows a Browns fan with a little less reserved reaction.

(Videos via @malberson6 on Twitter, @sobe-homie on Twitter respectively)


  1. Want to know what a band wagon fan is? Watch the video for the guy who rips his jersey. Sorry if your team didn’t win. No team wins every game every season. Some seasons break your heart (try going 2-14 after your team hires a rival’s team ex-coach) and other years your team wins it all. You take the good with the bad. This was a bad game if you were a Browns fan, but if you were a Ravens fan, this was an amazing game! Personally, I wanted overtime, I needed more fantasy points from my browns and ravens players…lol.