Shannon Sharpe Trolls Patriots Fans With A Bunch of “Yo Mamma” Jokes


On Sunday night, the undefeated season of the New England Patriots came to an end at the hands of the Denver Broncos. Now of course there were many excuses the Patriots made (injuries, bad officiating) but in the end the Patriots lost and the Broncos won and Broncos fans and former players were very much ecstatic about the win including Shannon Sharpe.

Now Sharpe was on social media Sunday night gloating over the victory and as Patriots fans do on social media, they were out to defend (and make excuses) for their team.

So how was Sharpe dealing with the backlash from Patriots fans? With good ol’ fashion “your mom” jokes:

ShannonSharpe1 ShannonSharpe2 ShannonSharpe3 ShannonSharpe4 ShannonSharpe5

If the Patriots and the Broncos meet in the playoffs and the Broncos win, hopefully Sharpe has some new material ready for Patriots Twitter.