Cam Newton Hot Dogs It To Endzone, Gets LEVELED Before Crossing Goal Line


Cam Newton seemed to be on a easy stroll to the end zone, when all the sudden this happened.

The kid-like Newton seemed to be hot-dogging it to the endzone, with his eyes on the defender who couldn’t catch his on the bootleg, when a Saints defender cam up and leveled the QB with a helmet to helmet hit, that could have been called a penalty. Newton appeared to be a little wheezy before getting up and returning to the huddle.

Newton made his way to the Panthers locker room after the possession (which ended up with a TD tossed from Cam) for reasons which seem to be connected to the hit he took on the play.


  1. Did I miss something? Where is he being cocky? I’m far from a Panthers fan, but of you want to prove a point with a video, at least pick one that shows your point. The guy is having fun – he’s benevolent, he doesn’t do drugs or drink – he visits with sick children no matter what color they are, and equally is always giving a child a ball during a game. If this is what “Cocky” is – I’d like to see more cocky athletes!

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