Videos From Sunday’s Tailgate Prove Bills Fans Are The Craziest People On Earth

Bills fans seemed to be out to prove something this season, that they are the craziest and best fans in all of the NFLm but at this point, we just think they’re not trying to prove anything, they’re just purely insane. (and by insane I mean awesome). “Bill’s Mafia” as they’re self-dubbed, has been the epicenter of the craziest videos that make their way onto the interwebs each and every NFL Sunday. Though it’s hard to distinguish between these videos and those from a college frat party, smashing bro’s through tables seems to be the method of choice here, with having public sex, spitting beer and spitting beer into friends’ mouths adding to the mix.

Here are some of the videos we’ve found of the Bills fans being Bills fans.. (Keep in mind all of these are JUST from this past Sunday’s game vs the Texans, not sure we’d be able to fit the reel from this entire season in one article)

#billsmafia knows how to party


And then this…a common scene at Bills games, spontaneous handjobs during the game:o1tl8lx33a9cga4hu17i