Roger Goodel Approves, Laughs About Concussion Joke At NFL Banquet

There are four weeks left in the 2015-2015 NFL regular season, and there have been a staggering 140 concussions.

The “concussion” topic has been on the front burner in the football world recently, with the new movie titled ‘Concussion’ coming out, the Dr. who discovered a disease caused by concussions saying it should be illegal to play football until the age of 18-25, and failed or questionable concussion protocol during numerous games in the spans of a few weeks. But that didn’t keep a glittering array of football leaders from being subjected to an awful joke about the matter during a swell dinner this week in New York City.

Dallas Cowboys’ Hall of Fame quarterbackRoger Staubach, made the poor choice of joking about having suffered so many concussions, which, you may have read or understood from the omnipresent “Concussion” trailers, are a serious issue threatening the very core of the game of football these days.“I had a chance to sit next to the commissioner of football, Pete Rozelle, tonight,” Staubach said at the National Football Foundation awards banquet Tuesday night.

Corrected, he went on: “Oh, excuse me, Roger Goodell,” who seemed to laugh somewhat uncomfortably.

“I apologize; I had six concussions in the NFL,” Staubach said, drawing jeers from the crowd.


“I told Roger I was going to tell that corny joke and he approved it,” Staubach said after a mixed reaction of laughter and groans.

If so, that’s an interesting choice from the commissioner considering the current climate.

The reaction was described by many in the audience as “awkward, which well, is apparent from the video. Here’s a thought Roger, for the guy who says player safety is his top priority as commissioner, but then laughs about jokes about a disease which is killing former players, we understand the joke was humorous, jut don’t laugh at it when you’re the one advocating for everything I just made fun of.

(h/t Washington Post)