Odell Beckham Converts 1st Down, Hilariously Mocks Cam Newton By ‘Dabbing’

It would be an understatement to say Odell Beckham’s day has been ugly. The young and frustrated WR had more personal foul penalties than catches for the majority of the game.

With the Giants storming back into the game and coming within 7 of the undefeated Panthers, Manning converted a crucial 1st down to Beckham, with a little yards after the catch to bring to the Giants into the red zone. And with his true-to-self fashion, did a little dancing after the play. ..but this time it was mocking Cam Newtons signature dance, ‘The Dab.’ Newton ‘dabbed’ on the Giants earlier in game after a TD.

Beckham scored the game-tying TD on the same possession.