Snoop Dogg Hilariously Rips Chip Kelly, Tells Him To Kill Himself After Losing Fantasy League

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It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg is a long-time steelers fan, so it might seem odd for the rapper to have been this heavily invested in Sunday night’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles, but he was, thanks to the magically thing that gets us to watch shitty football games, fantasy football. Snoop was paying close attention to Sunday Night Football, as he hoped to win his league—and he was facing the Cardinals defense. Unfortunately for him, the Eagles offense wasn’t able to help him out.

Philadelphia cost Snoop his game by turning the ball over four times, including on a pick-six, in a 40-17 loss. As a result, Arizona’s defense put up quite a few points in fantasy football leagues

(Warning: NSFW language):


Sorry ass fucking eagles. Cost me my fantasy league. Fuuuuuuiccck????

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