9-Year-Old Son Of Browns Fan Writes To Santa Begging For Him To Become Steelers Fan


You can’t blame this kid. The Cleveland Browns has been torturing their fans for decades…and sitting at 3-11 changed this year, dead last in the AFC North? Things have not changed.

This 9-year-old kid wrote a letter to Santa in efforts to stop his dad from being a Browns fan, because they make him drink…and when you can make your own QB become an alcoholic, it sure will make your fans. He notes he doesn’t want his dad to remain a Browns fan either, he’d much rather trade in the misery that is a Browns fan and switch over to greener pastures and become Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

The letters reads:

Dear Santa. This year for XMAS I would really like for my dad to stop being a Browns fan. They make him drink like 17 Heinekens on Sunday. I would like 4 him to be a Steelers fan instead. I want 2 be one to. PLEASE help me get me to a christmas MIRACLE.

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