Two Patriots Fans Called Chip Kelly After He Was Fired, Got An Answer!

Chip Kelly was relieved of his duties as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Tuesday after a plethora of nonsensical trades and personal moves, former players accusing the Kelly of being a racist, and most importantly a 6-9 playoff-less record in a horrid division.

Tuesday night after the news broke, two friends that are Patriots fans as apparently by the video, somehow got a hold of the coaches personal cell phone number, and gave him a ring! Interesting enough, Kelly pounded the Patriots this season as one of their six wins.

The back story apparently goes as follows: “So this girl we were with last night… Worked at Portsmouth country club in New Hampshire. Kelly is from New Hampshire. He was a 3 day guest there, and she was kinda like an assistant for him while he was there. She said one night him and his buddies were wasted and said here take my phone number in case you lose me”