Cam Newton Tries To Steal Fan’s Bucs Jersey, Falls Pulls Back, Cam Falls On Face

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The Carolina Panthers clinched the #1 seed in the NFC for the first time in their history Sunday, which was a totally appropriate cause for celebration.

Cam Newton decided to take a post game victory lap of sorts around the field greeting the Panther faithful in the first row with high-fives, when Buccaneers fans thought it would be a smart idea to flaunt their Tampa Bay jerseys to Newton’s face. The QB decided to grab one of the jerseys (Jameis Winston’s to be exact) which was then pulled back on by the fan, forcing Cam to trip and fall which resulted in a good laugh for most likely both Panthers and Buccaneers fans.

(Video via Zach Groth – Fox 48)

This isn’t the first instance of Newton snatching up fan memorabilia. During a home game earlier in the season, Cam ran over to the first row where a Green Bay fan had hung a Packer banner and ripped it down and threw it to the ground, a move heavily criticized by many.


  1. Stealing is against the law. Even attempting to do so is illegal. He stole the banner of the Packers fan earlier this year and now this. He needs to be arrested and put in jail for his blatent disregard for the law.

      • How is it moronic to believe that someone who steals should go to jail? Neither the jersey nor the banner were his property and he had no permission to take them, so he is guilty of theft, plain and simple. Tell me where I am wrong and if it is logical, I will admit that I am wrong, but just saying someone is moronic without any details is moronic.

        • The Bank of American Stadium rules on banners and the like were specifically banned. They were breaking the rules by having it there, he was simply removing it per the rules of the stadium. I can’t post a link to those rules because the Panthers organization changed those rules specifically because of this incident. The organization also purchased a replacement banner for those fans even though they were the ones who broke the rules. If someone had their Panthers banner torn down in Green Bay, do you think the Green Bay organization would’ve replaced the Panthers banner? Absolutely not. Know why I say that? Because it was a Green Bay banner that Cam tore down and their organization didn’t offer jack to their own fans. I can’t speak to the Tampa Bay jersey incident. He grabbed a shirt and it immediately fell to the ground (along with Cam). I don’t think anywhere in the United States would you find yourself in jail because of that.

          • I remember the GB banner incident. Regardless of the rules at American Stadium, it is not up to Cam Newton, nor any other football player to take matters into their own hands and take something that is not theirs. There are security guards there which are employed to enforce the rules. It was a classless move by a very talented young man who needs to be humbled – and I hope that happens at some point, for his own good.

          • I never said he shouldn’t have done it. I was simply stating that it was moronic to think he should be arrested and thrown in jail.

            And if you think Cam Newton needs to be humbled, you obviously haven’t followed what he does for children in the Charlotte area. The last thing he needs is to be humbled. You are probably just feeding off of what the media tells you about Cam Newton instead of what he actually does away from the football field.

          • I do appreciate your reply. As the QB of a very high profile and successful football team, he holds a lot of “sway” and influence with fans, media and the general public. For him to rip the banner away from the GB fan (to “protect his house..” ?) and to do the same with the jersey is immature. Cam Newton, while likely doing much good in the Charlotte area (I actually have seen some of his philanthropic deeds), displays a lack of humility. This is my opinion and I realize it is not yours. Being generous and kind to children is great (and should be applauded), but that does not negate his actions on and off the field which show a young man who seems full of himself (i.e. Superman ripping). I believe in time he will be humbled – as most successful athletes are – one way or the other.

          • We do agree to disagree. I feel like a football player’s off field actions speak much more of their character. But I understand your point of view as well. Unfortunately, the Panthers stadium has catered to opposing fans more than their owns fans in the past and I, for one, am glad someone is trying to “take back the house.” I can see how it’s viewed as immature but I’ve been a fan and seen that stadium for 20 years, I feel like enough is enough with the opposing team fans takeover of it.

          • Well, it appears we were both able to state our strong opinions without behaving in a disrespectful or immature way…. which is far better than… Ca….. oh, ok, I won’t go there. 🙂 I will say I don’t have anything against him personally, I just feel this way about any and all young, talented, professional athletes, who appear to think a bit too highly of themselves and break the rules, either of civility or the legal system. Now…. it’s on to the playoffs – and GO HAWKS!!! 😀 😀

          • There is no doubt that he thinks highly of himself that’s for sure, haha. If it’s any consolation, the hawks are the team I fear the most. Wilson always gives us fits, even when we do squeak out a win.

          • Thanks trh8f! That actually DOES provide me with a bit of consolation. 🙂 I am sure excited for the post-season! We had a rough (or I could say TERRIBLE) start to the season, but boy oh boy… it seems to have come together! It should be exciting for all of us! And to be totally honest, I am jealous of your record. We coulda done that…. we shoulda done that…. I feel good about our game against the Vikings on Sunday (but I never take any win for granted!!) but then, I think we play you, don’t we….? GULP!!! 🙂

          • Why should he not be arrested? He stole private property. No different than if you came to my neighborhood with a backpack that clashed with the color scheme of the neighborhood and I took it from you and destroyed it. The only difference is the location. My neighborhood is not inside a stadium

          • Wrong. They had permission to have the banner as long as it was not affixed to the railing, which it was not (if it had been, Cam would not have been able to take it as easily as he did). As for Green Bay not offering to replace the banner, they are not the ones who destroyed it. Even if they did not have permission, Cam did not know that. It is his job to play football, not to enforce stadium rules. If it was a violation of stadium rules, it is the job of stadium security to enforce them. Your entire argument is full of crap.

          • He was not in the game and the fans were not members of the opposing team. He had no legal reason to take their banner. It was private property. If you take private property from someone without permission, you should go to jail.

          • Only because he is Cam Edwards. If you or I had done the same thing, we would be in jail. What gave him the right to take the banner?

          • I’m my part of the country, I wouldn’t be in jail. The police here would’ve came by and asked me to either return it or pay for it and it would’ve been over. The Panthers organization got the fan another banner, I don’t know if Cam did or did not pay the organization for it. I guess we agree to disagree. In my opinion, he had every right to rip down an opposing team’s banner in his team’s stadium. I don’t think you have a right to put up a large opposing team banner and expect it to remain in one piece throughout the game. For whatever reason you want to come up with, the police still agree that it didn’t warrant an arrest.

          • John Q, I do remember reading the GB fan had permission to have the banner. And I couldn’t agree with you more about Cam being wrong about taking the banner. It was not his responsibility nor his right to do that. I have been to many Seahawks games and there are often banners and signs being held by the opposing fans – and NO ONE bothers them – not the fans in the stands and certainly not a player coming up and ripping it down. I believe Cam couldn’t have cared less though about being “right” or “wrong” for doing it – because he thinks (in my opinion) that Cam Newton is entitled to do such things.

          • They’re only banned if if actually hung from the stadium itself, IE, physically attached to the guard rails etc.

            You are allowed to hold signs etc in your hands in Bank of America Stadium, and this was the case in incidents. The fans were doing nothing against the stadium rules.

            The only one in the wrong both times was Newton, who acted like a douchebag.

      • You actually are the moron.

        There was no rule at the time that the banner was STOLEN then DAMAGED saying that you could not have a banner at a Panthers game. There is a rule saying that you can not affix, tape, or hang a banner from a part of the Bank Of America stadium.

        And if you were smart (which I doubt you are) you would have noticed that the Packer fans were holding the sign when Cam “I have no sportsmanship” Newton raced by and tore it from their hands. It was not affixed to anything at the stadium. They were HOLDING it JUST like the guy was doing with the jersey.

        I truly wish he would have fell and hurt himself for show-boating like he does. It would be well deserved payback for his un-sportsman-like conduct toward the Packers and Buccaneers fans.

        And FYI….the Packers banner went through not 1…not 2…but 3 security check points before the couple got to their seats.

        And for a side note…Cam is a thief and always has been. He stole laptops in college to pawn.

        And the Packers sign was replaced because the Panthers PR did not want to take a hit because of Cam Newton’s childish act.

        Get your facts straight before you call people morons… dumb ass MORON!!!!

        • You have proved that you do not have a brain with that post. You have proved that you have a grudge against Cam because of his college days. It’s blatantly obvious in your post that you do not and have never liked Cam Newton so why should anyone take your post seriously? If you could read (and you obviously can’t), the original poster was a moron for thinking that Cam should’ve been arrested and jailed. If you think he should’ve been arrested and jailed as well, you should start taking the short bus to middle school. The police agreed with me and every other person with common sense.

          • You still have not explained how committing a crime is not something he should be arrested for. Taking something that does not belong to you and that you do not have permission to take is stealing. Stealing is a crime. Cam took something that did not belong to him, therefore, he committed a crime. If one commits a crime, one can and should be arrested. Crystal stated facts (although the moron comment was her opinion) The banner went through 3 security checks and was allowed. They did not affix it to the stadium. They were holding the banner when Cam stole it from them. If I were to run by you and rip something from your hands, do you really believe that I would not be arrested? If you do, then maybe Crystal’s opinion is a fact as well.

          • It happened in plain view with hundreds of witnesses and he wasn’t arrested. That is proof enough that the police did not think he should’ve been. If the police don’t think so, I don’t think so. If you brought something into my house and waved in front of me, with the explicit reason as to incite me, you better believe it would be taken and thrown in the trash. And no, I wouldn’t end up in jail.

          • So, if you are holding something that somehow offends me and it is your property that you paid good money for, it is fine if I run by you and rip it out of your hands and destroy it?

            It is not HIS house, it is his place of employment and the people in charge of deciding what could be displayed and not displayed allowed it through 3 security checkpoints. If I had something that was offensive to you that your boss said I could bring into your workplace, would you be allowed to take it from me and throw it in the trash? Put things in perspective. You are acting like it was his place of residence when it was his place of employment.

            Perhaps the police did not arrest him because he is a star quarterback and they felt that their lives might be in danger if they arrested him before a game. It has been known to happen that sports stars get special treatment from the authorities. I have seen in in professional sports towns as well as college towns. Just because the police did nothing does not mean that what he did was not criminal.

          • So you are saying that because he is a star athlete, the police decided not to arrest him? If that’s your case then there is no point going any further.

            I believe the police, with all of the clear cut evidence and witnesses to prove it, did not arrest him because he didn’t break the law. You think they didn’t because they might’ve been scared for their lives. That’s our disagreement and we’ll just have to leave it at that.

          • You still did not answer my question. Based on what you have said, if you are have something in your hands that you paid good money for and that item offends me and I rip it from your hands and destroy it, would you think that is ok or would you think I did something illegal?

          • If I’m dumb enough to take said item to an opposing team’s stadium, knowing that said item would offend the home team’s crowd and home team’s players, and then flap it in the face of the opposing team’s QB, you better believe I should not be surprised nor should I think it’s wrong for that QB to rip it from my hands. Because I would have been a moron to think otherwise in that situation.

          • That still did not answer my question. If you were to bring something into my workplace that offended me and I, being someone who is not a professional sports figure, ripped it from your hands and destroyed it, would that be ok with you or would you think I did something illegal. If it is not ok in that instance, why do you think it is ok in Cam’s situation?

          • I told you. I don’t think what Cam did was illegal. I don’t care about your analogies about the workplace. This happened in an NFL stadium while trying to purposely incite the home team. Players punch other players inside the stadium and they aren’t arrested. Are you going to make the argument that they are players on the actual field? What about player fights that happen after the game is over? Like I’ve said many times, the police did not agree with you that anything illegal happened. I just happen to agree with the police.

          • The only thing that can be logically shown is that the police did not do anything. You don’t know for sure that they did not think anything illegal happened. And you still did not answer my question. I have asked several times, so I won’t repeat it, but I would appreciate an answer.

          • As for the jersey… if your team has just lost (and lost pretty badly might I add) and an opposition player is celebrating with fans of his team, is it really appropriate to wave your team’s merchandise in his face? I’d call that being a sore loser.

          • And is it appropriate for Cam to rip the jersey out of the fan’s hand? I’d call that being a poor winner.

          • The banner was approved by security. The size is not a factor and even if it was, it was not Cam’s job to enforce stadium rules.

      • What part is dumb? Is it dumb to think that taking something that does not belong to you and have no right to take is stealing? Is it dumb to think that he did not have permission to take the banner or the jersey? Or is it dumb to believe that stealing is against the law? Or perhaps it is dumb to believe that when someone does something illegal that they should face legal consequences? Which part is dumb, Erocks? Please enlighten me.

          • Seriously? You tell me I said something dumb and I ask for enlightenment…for you to tell me which part of my statement is wrong…and you feel it is impossible to answer my questions? Tell me which part of that is wrong? Which part is dumb.

          • You are the one who replied to my comment. If you tell someone they are dumb and cannot elaborate, it would seem that you are the one who is mentally lacking.

      • If it was just the jersey incident, maybe, but he took and destroyed a banner earlier in the season. Ripped the banner out of the hands of Packers fans. Of course, why should I expect you to understand what I am saying when you can’t grasp the concept of commas and capital letters.

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