Seahawks Unveil Newest Addition To Ring Of Honor At CentryLink Field


SEATTLE, WA – CentryLink Field had no game played in it yesterday as the Seahawks went on the road as a wildcard team this Sunday, yet there was still some activity. Workers spent the afternoon raising another banner, commemorating the newest member to the team’s Ring Of Honor, a personal “hall of fame” if you will of the Seahawks.

And that newest member? Kicker, Blair Walsh.

Walsh was named MVP of the game by the Seahawks after somehow missing a 27 yard chip shot filed goal nearing the ned of regulation that retained the Seahawks slight lead that won them the game and kept their season alive. The win now places the Hawks against the NFC Champ, Carolina Panthers which many think is the best team in the league.


Walsh commented after the game that the kick was on him and only him, and them proceeded to sign autographs for the fanbase (Seattle’s that is) and take photos with the 12th man.

Walsh ironically enough is the 12th member of the Ring of Honor.

(Photo inspired by Ken Jennings)