Eagles Fan ‘EDP445’ Goes Off On Jeffrey Lurie For Hiring Doug Pederson

The Philadelphia Eagles hired former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson as their head coach and it’s not sitting well with Eagles fans.

Now, the Eagles missed out on a lot of candidates, it was first reported that the Eagles were high on Adam Gase, he was then hired by the Miami Dolphins. Then the Eagles turned their attention to New York Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, then he was hired by the Giants to replace Tom Coughlin.

The Eagles then turned their attention to Tom Coughlin and news broke this morning that he could be the guy. But then Tom Coughlin backed out and didn’t think it would be a “good fit.”

The Eagles then announced earlier that Doug Pederson would be their head coach.

‘EDP445’ flipped out on the Eagles for not reaching out to former Raiders and Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden or Hue Jackson or even Sean McDermott.

He also had a message for Chip Kelly.