Cowboys Fans Makes Diagram Showing That According To Fitzgerald Catch, Dez Caught It

Just about exactly a year ago, the most controversial play went down since the tuck rule, a play that is still referenced regularly today.

With the Cowboys trailing the Packers late in the 4th, Romo fired it deep to Dez Bryant who to everyone’s apparentness, came down with the ball. But upon review, Cowboys fans everywhere were crushed and fans left perplexed at what in the world is a considered a catch in the NFL. As everyone knows, the Cowboys ended up losing that game primarily because of the overturned play.

Last night was full of controversy from the coin toss, to the hail mary, and on Larry Fitzgerald catch in particular. In the 4th quarter, Fitzgerald appeared to come down with the ball, turn up field, and then stumble and lose the ball following the run after the catch. But once again, with the NFL’s ridiculous catch rule in mind, review proved that by rule, he didn’t complete the catch. The call ended up standing to the astonishment of many, Cowboys fans making up a large majority.

Dallas fans actually made a graphic comparing the two catches and well, it’s hard to argue the point.

(Click to enlarge)


(h/t DCmemes)