Butthurt Seahawks Fan Writes Letter To Newton Calling Him Classless For Throwing 12th Man Flag

Here we go again…

Cam Newton and one fan anonymous in particular made headlines and started a frivolous debate when she called the QB classless for dancing after scoring a TD because he children were watching.

And with another win, we have yet another letter. This woman, named ‘Sarah’ wrote an open letter to Newton calling him disrespectful and classless for tossing a 12th man flag to which a Carolina Panthers fan handed him after Sunday’s game. Her methodology was that by tossing a flag with the number 12 on it, it takes away from everything Russell Wilson, the Seahawks and 12th man has done for the community.

The letter wound up being posted on the Facebook page of KIRO 7 News in Seattle, and went viral from there.

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‘Sarah’ may not be aware of the charitable work Newton and the Panthers do included Cam’s own foundation which he started with his platform, or hang out with disabled children before games, or hand balls to kids after every TD, but that’s none of my business.

Incase you missed the incident, here’s the video which got all this started.

The Panthers of course beat the Seahawks, 31-24, and have advanced to the conference championship versus the Cardinals which will be played this weekend.