Cardinals Fan Gets Super Bowl 50 Tattoo, Officially Jinxes His Team For Everybody

Serious question though…


Don’t they realize that the sample size is large enough that they’ve seen all the idiots in pervious years stuck with ridiculous tattoos that makes no sense? And what if you’re lucky and your team does win it? Huh? Wow, cool, you now have a tattoo that you could have gotten after you knew they either got to the Super Bowl or won it, and well nobody will care if you got it after the fact.

Last year it was a Seahawks fan, and this year it’s a Cardinals fan. This Arizona fan got inked up with the the Card’s logo, as well as the Super Bowl 50 logo, (which may we add is in the wrong color), officially jinxing it for all the rest of hopefully Arizona fans hoping for their team’s first ring.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.33.23 PM

(h/t Fox 20 Phoenix)