Super Bowl 50 Grounds Crew Accidentally Paints Two Broncos Endzones

Super Bowl 50, the heavily anticipated matchup we’ve been waiting for with the Denver Broncos facing off against the Denv…wait a minute.

No, this is not a joke. The Levi’s Stadium grounds crew that’s meticulously preparing the field for the big game literally painted both end zones for the Denver Broncos, and somehow didn’t notice until the next was already started.

Look closely and notice the far endzone having been erased with the end zone almost being completed…

Many may remember the old classic of a commercial where the Chief’s end zone was painted reading ‘Chefs’, which has seemed to happen in real life, just with an even more mind blowing error.

Luckily with the game more than a week away, the paint was somewhat erased and will of course be painted over in Panthers colors and type.