Josh Norman Rips Deion Sanders To His Face About The Odell Beckham Situation

I’m sure by now everyone has seen what happened that December afternoon in East Rutherford, NJ when the Giants and the Panthers brawled it out.  But two guys, Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. took the brawl to a whole different level.
The two guys went at it and the lasting effects had the Giants star WR suspended one game after trying to helmet spear Josh Norman.
After the game, many people had their opinions about the situation, one guy in particular, Deion Sanders took it upon himself to play peacemaker between the All-Pro CB and the Pro Bowl WR.
But some of the comments Deion made didn’t sit well with Josh Norman and he confronted Prime about that during the Carolina Panthers media session during Super Bowl Opening Night.
In other Josh Norman news, he also wore a Luchador mask during the media session.
Josh Norman