NFL Releases Own Super Bowl Commercial About Getting Laid After Your Team Wins

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For Super Bowl 50, we knew the NFL would put something special together separate from the big game, and this may be it.

In conjunction with their football is family motto, the league has put together a commercial that in entirety runs for 3 minutes a 7 seconds and is essentially about getting laid the night of the Super Bowl after your team takes home the Lombardi trophy.

There are statistics showing a growth spirt in the number of births around 9 months after special dates, including of course New Years, Valentines Day, and Christmas. The whole ‘baby-boomer’ phrase is coined from this premise after all. This same thought was applied to football and figures show that there is a spike in babies born roughly 9 months after the big game in the city that wins, from what we know, which makes sense.


The NFL ran with this idea and created a spot featuring groups all different ages and from different years, aligning each with the team which basically enabled them to be born, a pretty cool thought when delved in to.

The spot features a choir-like sign-along to Seal’s hit Kiss From A Rose, featuring the singer himself.

(h/t NFL)