San Franciscans Keep Hilariously Defacing Super Bowl 50 Statues All Over City

The Super Bowl has made its way back to California for the first time in a long time.

You’d think the golden state would be a perfect location for the big game but then you think about the stadiums that would host it: Candlestick park? Coliseum? Qualcomm Stadium? ..that’s why. With the 49ers building a new stadium last offseason, Levi’s Stadium, it was the perfect spot to bring the Super Bowl back to California.

The stadium is not actually in San Francisco, which may come to a surprise to most. It’s in Santa Clara, which is just outside San Jose a 50-minute drive south of San Francisco. Of course saying the Super Bowl’s in “Santa Clara” or “San Jose” doesn’t quite have the ring to it as “San Francisco,” thus the clever choice of title.

With the Super Bowl being such a large event, no stretching an entire week of festivities, the city has set up a ton of Super Bowl 50 propaganda, to which some mischievous (probably teens) couldn’t keep their hands off of. Whether it’s out of fun or hate of those who aren’t interested in football yet are interested in the whopping $5 million taxpayers will have to shell out for the game.


The biggest symbol of the inconvenience and cost to taxpayers? That would be the 10 one-ton “50″ statues the NFL has placed at scenic locations all around town. Apparently the city cut the richest sports league in the world a sweet deal on those, waiving 50% of the fees they would normally collect for the permits needed to put promotional items in public spaces.

Fortunately, San Franciscan have been voicing their displeasure by vandalizing the statues, re-arranging the letters on the bases of the eyesores to make them say stupid slogans.

(h/t Deadspin, TotalProSports)