Video/Audio Recorded Broncos’ Coach Gary Kubiak Admitting His Player Being Offsides On Missed FG


Officiating wise, the Super Bowl is essentially the all-star game for referees, the best crew they got. Any blatant mistakes are seen by 120 million people and of course are not good looks for the league.

Two calls many can point back to that were missed, both going against Carolina, a dropped ball call as well as this clearly missed offsides penalty that went uncalled.

The league released audio clips of the on field action Wednesday, and one of the snip-bits was that of Denver Broncos head coach, Gary Kubiak actually admitting fault of his player being offsides into his headset while the play went on without a flag. The Panthers missed the kick.

As seen in the video, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera was livid and CB Josh Norman was astonished at the situation. Norman was critical of the referees in the days following the game.



  1. Well the refs missed about 5 false starts by the Panthers O-line and at least 10-20 holding penalties on the Panthers O-line.

    Seriously, the Broncos have the best pass rush by far and only ONE holding penalty, whatever.

  2. And Cotchery did not catch the ball. The nose of the ball clearly hits the ground before he rolls over and he doesn’t maintain control of the ball. Panther fans and apologists need to stop trying to blame the refs because their team lost. As for this “offside” missed call, even if he was, and it doesn’t look like he was, it had no effect on the kick so maybe they should be looking a little more at Gano for missing it.

    • You do realize that even the announcers said it was a catch, he had complete control of the ball when he fell to the ground, but keep on believing it because your overrated team won the Superbowl. For the record, I’m not a fan of either and didn’t care about the outcome either way.

      • The Panthers got called for twice as many penalties for twice as many yards. Every single time the Panthers were starting to get into rhythm, there was some BS penalty on them. Let’s not forget the obvious catch that was overturned. This game was all so Manning could get his ring. That was obvious right from the start. Oh, the Panthers are putting together a good string of plays, holding. (you can call holding on basically every play) The Broncos only got called for the stuff that couldn’t be overlooked. Unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct, and the obvious offside stuff.

        • They were holding because they were getting their butts kicked on the LOS. The Panthers had been beating up on sorry teams all year and hadnt been tested. When things got tough late in the game they imploded. Three unsportsmanlike and one unnecessary roughness. Thats on the players. Stop blaming the refs. They got beat by the better D. End of story. Cam has fundmental flaws and Denver exposed them.

  3. Bad replay angle on this post. I thought he was offside as well. But in the replay looking down the line of scrimmage, I don’t believe he was off. He moved very early but didn’t cross before the ball moved.

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