Video/Audio Recorded Broncos’ Coach Gary Kubiak Admitting His Player Being Offsides On Missed FG


Officiating wise, the Super Bowl is essentially the all-star game for referees, the best crew they got. Any blatant mistakes are seen by 120 million people and of course are not good looks for the league.

Two calls many can point back to that were missed, both going against Carolina, a dropped ball call as well as this clearly missed offsides penalty that went uncalled.

The league released audio clips of the on field action Wednesday, and one of the snip-bits was that of Denver Broncos head coach, Gary Kubiak actually admitting fault of his player being offsides into his headset while the play went on without a flag. The Panthers missed the kick.


As seen in the video, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera was livid and CB Josh Norman was astonished at the situation. Norman was critical of the referees in the days following the game.