Santonio Holmes: Ben Roethlisberger is “10 Times Better” Than Manning & Brady



CTE has gone from an unknown entity to one of the most talked about subjects in sports. Scientists and researchers have figured out that it stems from repeated brain impact and trauma over time, also known as playing football, but they still are looking for ways to identity early signs. Look no further, because Santonio Holmes is a flashing beacon.

Leading up to Super Bowl 50 , Holmes, the former Steelers WR and Super Bowl MVP sat down for an interview with to which when it came to his former longtime QB Ben Roethisberger saying –


“How do you consider [Roethlisberger] an underrated player? Because he doesn’t get the same attention as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? I would never compare Roethlisberger to any of those guys because, in all respect, he’s 10 times better than those guys because of the attitude and the tenacity that he brings to the game more than any other quarterback. The guy’s been hit by a car. And, basically, dismantled himself and wanted to play six weeks later. Things like that, that just don’t happen for a normal person. But to be able to have that kind of attitude and drive to want to do any and everything for his team, injury after injury, I want him on my team.” 

Speaking of being hit by a car, Santonio may have before saying this. In the head. With a truck.