Tom Brady Reportedly Texted Julian Edelman After Getting Booed At Superbowl Saying “Everyone F*cking Hates Us. Let’s Win It All Next Year”


One of the most memorable moments of Super Bowl 50 came before the game even kicked off.

During the pregame celebration, the NFL brought out the  MVPs from all 49 Super Bowls (excluding those who couldn’t attend), in light of the leagues semi-centennial game, definitely a cool gesture out on by the league.

Cheers of respect rung out for all but one, and we all now who that was. When Tom Brady was announced, a cloud of boos came over the stadium, which was slightly disrespectful yet hilarious at the same time.


According to Barstool Sports, a patron who had been in contact with Patriots WR Julian Edelman after the pregame introductions noted Edleman reading a text from his quarterback:

“At some point, and this is where this blog becomes the certifiable stuff of sports talk radio,  someone brought up how Brady responded to the boos at the Superbowl. If you don’t know, or didn’t watch, they called out all the Superbowl MVPs and when Brady came out they booed the hell out of him.  Then Edelman gets out his phone and reads a text from Tom mother-bleeping Brady. His face got all serious and all the rumors that Edelman would kill someone for Brady seem to materialize. He said that he took it VERY personally and then read the text:”


Tom Brady seems to love paying with a little chip on his shoulder, almost pulling off the biggest f*uck you Roger Goodell tour in NFL history last season, and if the guy needed any more motivation, he just got some.

(Bartstool Sports)