#ThrowbackThursday To 3 Hours Before Kaepernick Asked For Trade Today


With Chip Kelly out in Philadelphia, fans wondered where maybe the most niche coach in NFL history would fit in coaching another team, and the only one which made more sense than not? San Francisco. And why? Well, it all started with their backup quarterback.

Colin Kapernick, a former Super Bowl QB and a dual-threat sligner/scrambler seems to be the prototype fit in the offense Chip Kelly runs, a fast-paced, quick hitting attack with limited plays but countless variations, trying to raddle as many off before the defense could substitute or catch their breath.

Many attribute Kelly’s limited success this past season to Sam Bradford being the complete opposite of the QB who would thrive under Kelly.

That all changed when Kelly was hired as the head coach of the 49ers not too long after being let go in Philly. Kaepnerick’s career seemed in hope of revival as well as Kelly being able to seamlessly implement his offense without drafting or signing a new QB. But with Chip around, nothing certais, this is known.

So before Kelly deciding to cut Kaepernick, like he usually does to his best players, the QB and his agent asked permission for a trade today, out of nowhere. It hasn’t been made clear as to exactly why the QB want’s out of San Fran, his home since he was drafted, but the fued with management must be legitimate…

It was so unexpected insiders were reporting Kelly telling the media Kaepernick seemed “excited.”

Spoke too soon Chip, spoke too soon.