Broncos’ Teammate Shares Video of Peyton Dabbing In Light Of Retirement

When it comes down to it, Peyton manning may be the whitest person in America, definitely the NFL. Today, Manning may have given up that title.

The talk of the NFL this year beyond actual football was the dab, unfortunately for most of us. Newton, who’s signature touchdown dance was the dab, faced Manning in the Super Bowl, with jokes swriling about Manning trying to do the dance. But as of March 6th, Manning had finally done it.

Denver Broncos’ linebacker Brandon Marshall shared a unseen until now video of Manning doing such in light of his newly announced retirement, chains and all.

DAB!! P ???

A video posted by Brandon Marshall (@bmarshh54) on


Peyton Manning didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose Peyton Manning.

(Brandon Marshall)