Architects Reportedly Struggling to Fit Manning’s Forehead on Mt. Rushmore of QBs


KEYSTONE, SD – Deep in the black hills of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore architects are perplexed on exactly they will fit Peyton Manning onto the ginormous carving.

Lead project architect Ned Booker told reporters, “Let’s be honest, the guy’s FiveHead is friggin ginormous.” Booker and his crew is looking into an excavation of granite from a nearby mountain face but are currently facing resistance from the native Native American tribe which still calls this land home and consider the mountains sacred.

“We need to gouge about 55,000 tons of granite from a nearby mountain in the same range to complete his forehead.”


The piece will be added stop the left top side where George Washington’s face once stood, sitting next to Elway, Brady and Montana.

The team is confident that they can get the project done, yet aware of the timeframe of such a magnitude of a hold up the head will be.

No comment had been made yet if a darker stone will be used to mark Manning’s signature mark from his helmet being way too tight.