Bart Scott Says He Literally Hid In A Bathroom To Avoid Signing With Browns


If you were watching SportsCenter today, you most likely saw ESPN’s Adam Schefter rip the Browns, saying they’re the college of the NFL, 4 years, and you’re out.
What Bart Scott said is just insult to injury at this point.

Now by no means is Bart Scott and hall of fame linebacker, but he’s had a solid NFL career being a part of some of the best defenses in recent memory. Scott shared a story on Bleacher Report’s Simms and Lefkoe Podcast, telling the story of the time where he took an official visit to the Browns’ practice facility at the age of 22, an undrafted free agent linebacker at the time.

Scott said he got a call from the Baltimore Ravens’ general manager Ozzie Newsome and Scott’s agent agent, and stated he literally hid in a bathroom until a deal with the Ravens was completed, all in light of truing to avoid signing with the dreadful Cleveland Browns.