Packers RB Eddie Lacy Looks Very Slim After Being Called Out By His Coach

When Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy called out Eddie Lacy for being overweight, the running back got his message loud and clear.

After his third year in the NFL, Lacy had a major drop-off in production, which ultimately led to his benching and all signs pointed to his weight (234 lbs.) as the reason for his failures.

McCarthy never addressed the situation directly until the season was over. According to the Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein, McCarthy said back in January that his running back had “a lot of work to do” and that he “cannot play at the weight he had played at this year.”

After NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that the team would like Lacy to lose 30 pounds this offseason, Lacy went to work.



Two months into the offseason, Lacy has slimmed down and the Packers have to love the progress the 2013 Rookie of the Year.

Lacy has been working out with P90X creater Tom Horton to try to get back in shape and whatever method they’ve been using to get Lacy in shape is clearly working.