Eagles Fan Gets Photo with Tom Brady, Proceeds To Troll Pats Fans On Twitter


Tom Brady and Gisele are living it up as you’d expect, taking a lavish vacation to Costa Rica last week, which included activities such as surfing, eating fabulous privately prepared meals, and horseback riding, because what else would expect from Tom Brady and his supermodel wife…

While landing back in the states, as expected, Brady, tan and windblown hair in all, ran into some fans, one in particular being a kid named Ian Servantes.

But Servantes didn’t noticed Brady first didn’t notice Brady first, but rather the supermodel wife. No real surprise there.


He proceeded to tweet about the encounter, calling the 4-time Super Bowl champ as any proper, non-Patriots fan would, a “fuckboi.”


Sevantes later retracted his harsh words and Eagles fan-appropriate shit talking, saying that Brady was actually nice.

But as Patriots fans do these day, had to defend their saint of a quarterback, responding to his tweets:



You could say Tom Brady staying in the news because of an Eagles fan shit-talking him isn’t really news, but hey, we’re sure Tom would take his name in the news for this over what happened last offseason…