Stanford Football Coach Drops Mic With Statement About Satellite Camp Ban

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Jim Harbaugh and many other coaches were gearing up for this Spring’s round of satellite camps, until…the NCAA shut it down.

Effective immediately, a ruling Friday by the Division I Council that requires FBS programs to conduct all clinics at school facilities or facilities regularly used for practice or competition.

Satellite camps, which have been becoming more and more popular recently, are used by colleges to bring camps to recruiting hotspots to let prospective college athletes perform in front of coaches instead of traveling to a whole slew of camps across the country.

The ban in essence helps SEC and ACC schools, who’s conferences had a ban of their own on coaches from holding camps outside a 50-mile radius of their respective schools.

Many coaches have strong opinions on these camps, and on in particular, Stanford head coach David Shaw expressed his indifference to the ban because of reasons regarding the academic requirements of the university, dropping the mic with this quote:


Of course Shaw’s quote came with some backlash especially from the South East, with critics firing back with stats that show that almost a quarter of his football team is from regions that are considered SEC country.