Donald Trump Fails Miserably, Says Rex Ryan Went To 2 Super Bowls With Jets

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There’s been heavy criticism throughout this presidential race that the words coming out of Republican nominee hopeful Donald Trump’s mouth have been lies.

We finally have proof that this statement is somewhat true.

While campaigning in New York and holding a rally, Trump had none other than Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan do the honors of introducing him.

Coach didn’t get too political with his words, telling a story about football of course, that included the great Hershel Walker, the time when Trump owned the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League and more. Walker was the star of the Generals at the time, but on one occasion Generals coaches opted to give the ball to fullback Maurice Carthon from the 1-yard line instead. He was promptly stuffed. Soon, the phone rang on the sideline and it was Trump calling.

As Ryan finished his introduction, he formally announced the candidate to a raucous crowd. He went on to thank Rex, showering him with praise as he noted, “he won championships in New York, AFC I think twice.” (Fast forward to the 6 minute mark)

Now the Jets did reach the AFC Championship game twice under Ryan but lost both. I mean, Mark Sanchez was under center, did we really expect HIM to reach two Super Bowls? That’s a bit of a stretch, Donald.


        • …..THE DAILYSNARK’S TITLE WAS MISLEADING!?!?!? I really don’t know what to tell you….for one, it really wasn’t compared to the usual and two, if you have time to point out misleading headlines on website articles….well have at it, that’ll take multiple lifetimes.

          For clickbait, it’s actually not off…..yes, you’re right that Trump did not outright say that Ryan went to 2 superbowls, he implicated it when he said Rex Ryan won 2 AFC Championships (which means you’re going to the super bowl barring death or something that has never happened before).

          Do not take things on the internet literally. It’s just not a good idea.

          • thank you. he ‘implicated it yes. but the title should read ‘won 2 championships with jets. 99% of the crap I read I promise you I do not take seriously I have fun with it . sports is a passion of mine. we have the right to hold these writers to a higher standard. believe me when I tell you, if they read a paragraph of the average man/woman they will not hesitate to pick it apart . lets call today a little how do you do to the writer that rushed this article

          • K, I hear ya now. We do have a right to hold writers to higher standard.

            I bet you the writer didn’t even rush the article…that’s how bad our journalistic standards are. We allow it for important news, so I can tolerate it for sports, but I agree with your sentiment.

            What’s interesting is scientific publications are often the opposite, they try to implicate nothing, and instead outline everything explicitly. All statements are meant to be taken face value. That’s probably what we need.