Cleveland Browns Trade #2 Overall Pick In NFL Draft To The Philadelphia Eagles


This upcoming NFL draft may have more drama to it before-hand then when the picks are actually being made.

The #1 pick was traded from the Titans to the Rams for a boatload of future picks last week, and as of Wednesday afternoon, the Browns have now traded away their #2 overall pick to the Eagles.

The last time the Eagles drafted with the #2 pick? How about a QB named Donovan McNabb for ya.

Cleveland now holds 12 picks in total for this year’s draft, tied for the most with San Francisco.

The move actually seems decent for both teams involved, yet the more logical explanation is the Browns didn’t want to botch the #2 overall pick, deciding it would be easier on them to screw up picks further down in the draft order.

We’re also not sure making decisions like this on 4/20 is a good decision in itself or not.

Many believe the Eagles will now take Carson Wentz from North Dakota State with the pick, with Wentz even having wined and dined with the owner and general manager during a visit to Philadelphia.