Eagles Fan ‘EDP445’ Goes On An Epic Rant After Eagles-Browns Trade

Another day, another blockbuster trade in the NFL draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles acquired the number two overall pick in the 2016 Draft and the 2017 fourth round pick fourth from the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the number eight overall pick, 2016 third and fourth round pick and the 2017 first and 2018 second round picks.

Basically, the Eagles gave up a ‘boat load’ of picks to draft a quarterback, which will most likely be Carson Wentz.

There are few Eagles fans enjoying this pick, mainly because not many people believe Carson Wentz will develop in the quarterback the Eagles are expecting him to.


Well, our favorite Eagles fan ‘EDP445’ was so irritated about the trade, it nearly brought him to tears.

Enjoy his rant. (Warning: NSFW Language)

This season looks to be another long, arduous disappointment by the way fans in Philly are reacting to this trade, but then again, when don’t Philly fans act like this…