BREAKING: Patriots Draft Hacker Of Laremy Tunsil With #31st Pick


CHICAGO, IL – The experts said this draft would be like no other. They wouldn’t have been more right.

Beyond the amount of trades, the unknown beyond the top two picks, and the prospect’s outfits, the most unexpected incident came from Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil’s twitter account.

13 minutes before Roger Goodell took the stage, Tunsil who just a few short weeks ago many had going either #1 or #2 overall, he accidentally posted a video showing him smoking a gas mask bong, which was soon after deleted.


Tunsil dropped to pick #13 where he was scooped up by Miami Dolphins.

The Phins’ AFC rival New England Patriots’, who had a much later draft pick, learned like many of us soon after, that the Twitter and Instagram posts where in fact posted by a hacker.

According to staffers inside the Patriots war-room in Foxborough, Massachusetts,  Bill Belichick, in a moment of enlightenment, grabbed the dry-erase board eraser and wiped their projected picks list clean as others looked on in shock.

Coach Belichick announced that the team would take the hacker on Tunsil’s accounts with their first-round selection to a room full of applause. The draftee is expected to aid in hacking into other team’s databased in hopes of securing play books, film studies, and other inside information.

The team is also reportedly interested in the camera man who filmed Tunsil smoking from the bong in the now infamous video.