Laremy Tunsil Arrives At Miami Dolphins Facility

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DAVIE, FL – One of the most unpredictable drafts in NFL history went down last night, mostly due to Laremy Tunsil.

The Ole Miss OT, highly regarded as one of the best overall players in this draft, awaited his name to be called when suddenly his Twitter account was hacked, posting a video of him smoking from a gas mask bong, to which of course NFL teams quickly caught wind of.

Projected to be such a high pick, no pun intended, its safe to say he dropped a few spots and drop a few million off his future contract, falling to the #13 pick where the Miami Dolphins took a chance, and called his name.

Today, in hope to clear things up with the organization Tunsil flew down to Ft Lauderdale to visit the Miami Dolphins training facility.

According to those there and of course these pics snapped by the media, Tunsil arrived in the Cheech & Chong van, smashing through the fence and doing donuts on the field.

No word yet on if his step-father was driving the vehicle at the time.