Johnny Manziel Reportedly Gone Missing In New York


Currently out-of-a-job quarterback and former Cleveland Brown (which we’re not sure which is worse) Johnny Manziel has found himself in some odd situations recently, but this one may be the craziest.

Manziel is currently in New York, made light by the rental dealership owner having flown from Los Angeles to NYC in attempt to collect money for a damaged vehicle in which Manziel was involved earlier this year. Manziel was a passenger when it crashed into a pole and sustained serious damage last month. According to the owner, he promised to reimburse him for the vehicle, but did not and has not since. “Straight punk. Straight punk. Straight bitch,” Wayne Schneider told TMZ after blocking a vehicle in which Manziel was riding outside the Trump Soho.

The confrontation can be seen in the video below:


And as of the afternoon of Memorial Day, Johnny Football has appeared to have gone missing, per the Page Six of the New York Post.

Page Six noted that on Saturday, Manziel was supposed to catch a helicopter to the Hamptons, where he would be hosting a small party for friends, family and alike. The catch? He didn’t show for the flight.

As of 6:00pm ET, nobody close with Manziel has heard from nor seen him.

If the Home Alone producers are watching, you have your next movie right in front of your eyes.