Nick Foles Waits Outside Rams Facility In St. Louis, Team Thinks He’s Holding Out

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ST. LOUIS, MI – Every offseason we see a slew of stories regarding NFL players holding out of training camp for numerous reasons, whether it’s personal feelings or contract wishes.

Sam Bradford was the poster boy for this seasons hold-outs, with the Eagles QB angrily demanding a trade from the team after Philadelphia traded up to the #2 spot in the 2016 draft and took quarterback Carson Wentz.

The latest hold-out though? Surprisingly Nick Foles in Los Angeles.

Foles made headlines when the team reported he was a no-show for OTAs.

The veteran QB even skipped the start of organized team activities on Tuesday according to ESPN sources.

Upon contacting Foles’ agent David Dunn on the QBs whereabouts, Dunn noted he has “no idea” and was “wondering so himself.”

Pissed that without Foles, the Rams may have an even shittier season than their shitty season was going to be to begin with, head coach Jeff Fisher phoned Foles’ personal number Thursday morning. To his surprise, he answered, and promptly asked Fisher where he was.

Confused, Fisher asked where the hell he was, considering he’s been missing workouts and the media has “turned on you.” Foles answered with “What are you talking about? I’m sitting outside the practice facility and f*ckin doors are locked. I see inside it says 7-9 but its 8:30 right now and I can’t get in.”

“That’s our record you idiot. Can’t read defenses and now apparently you can’t read an ‘open hours’ signs either. What’s new.”

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The team told media members that they are happy that the situation is resolved and practice can resume as normal.