More Sad News From Sports World: Johnny Manziel Found Alive In Home Tuesday

HAMPTON COUNTY, NY – 2016 has not been a good year in the light of the deaths of our most beloved stars. Prince, Bowie, Rickman, the list goes on.

The not so small microcosm of the entertainment of the sports world we’ve seen numerous deaths this year, from the likes of Will Smith, or numerous college football players, but nothing comes close to Muhammad Ali. Arguably one of the most recognizable names and figures in modern history, Ali’s death sent shockwaves around the world. Though not so well known on a global platform, yet intriguing in their own respects, wrestler Chyna and as recently as Monday night, Kimbo Slice were also taken from us, both at relatively young ages.

Tuesday, more sad news came over the world of sports. AT approximately 9:21 am ET in Hampton County, New York, former Cleveland Brown quarterback Johnny Manziel was found alive on the floor in a rented home. Slumped over a giant bottle of champagne, covered in remanence of cocaine, Manziel’s body lay limp, cold, and hungover.

One friend told police that Monday night could have been it for Manziel, “One more pill and it could have been his last, good thing you guys intercepted him.”zzzz


Three of Manziel’s apparent friends were also in the home, found sleeping on the couch when police arrived due to a noise complaint from Ina Garten, a neighbor of property.

Hampton Police officer John Keeny spoke on matter, telling reporters, “We received the complaint from Mrs. Garten around 9:00 am this morning, to Drake’s melodies allegedly still being blasted from being played all night.” Kenny noted him and his partner entered the home to which they did not know Manziel had been staying at the residence, and entered the front door to an apparent pile of trash on the floor, later to be indented as Manziel.


Garten’s husband, an avid sports fan told reporters, “It’s been a tough week for the sports world, and the news of Johnny being found still breathing today it just couldn’t get much worse.”

Officer Kenny gave a final statement to the media before noon on Tuesday, saying “He’s in a better place now, that’s anywhere not in Cleveland that is.”