Jaguars WR Allen Hurns Revealed That He’s Allergic To Grass

Allen Hurns

Despite playing in Jacksonville, Florida, Jaguars wide receiver seems to always be wearing long tights and a long sleeve shirt under his jersey.

It’s not becuase he’s protecting himself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, he’s trying to prevent himself from spending hours scratching his body.

Hurns reveled to ESPN’s Mike DiRocco that he’s allergic to grass.


Grass doesn’t cause breathing issues for Hurns, but it can result in in rashes on the third year WR’s arms and legs. Hurns describes it as “more of a nuisance than a problem” and that’s he’s always wearing long sleeves and tight pants to prevent contact to the grass despite playing in Jacksonville.

Hurns is coming off a year where he had 64 receptions, 1,031 yards and 10 touchdowns.  The formerly undrafted receiver signed a $40 million extension early this month.

Despite playing the majority of his games on natural grass, it has not slowed Hurns down.