Johnny Manziel Gets Served Lawsuit For Destroying Mansion While Leaving Club


There has been a story lingering around Johnny Manziel and a night he spent partying amongst loads of hard drugs and alcohol with friends that left a Hollywood Hills mansion trashed.

The landlord of that mansion has been trying to recoup the money for damages that Manziel has yet to pay up. Frustrated, he even hopped on a flight to New York where Manziel is currently staying, facing the former QB in person.

After attempting to block his SUV in after leaving a club weeks ago, yet failing to receive his money, he may finally have dropped the mic. Manziel was intercepted (what’s new) by the landlord Wednesday night leaving a NYC nightclub, where he was handed a lawsuit in person, slapped against his chest.


Manziel bent over and picked the paperwork up before entering his Rolles Royce and leaving with his date.

According to TMZ, Manziel’s lawyer issued a statement saying he was still focused on playing in the NFL.