San Diego Replaces Cleveland As City With Longest Championship Drought

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The factory of sadness, Cleveland, Ohio captured something that was 52 years coming Sunday night, a championship in one of its major sports.

That win was 1964 when the Browns won the NFL Championship before the Super Bowl became a thing in 1967. Since then all major Cleveland sports teams have ended their seasons with a loss. That streak has now ended which means another city replaces it as the longest without a title in any major sport.


That city is now San Diego.

In San Diego, its has been a combined 109 seasons when combining all sports teams’ seasons since a title was captured. The city’s two primary teams, the Chargers and the Padres have neither won a championship in their existences. The Chargers have gone championship-less in a whopping 52 years, the same as Cleveland’s drought was as a city.

According to SB Nation, up until this year, the Raiders led the division with three Super Bowl victories. The Broncos are now tied with them. The Chiefs have one, which they collected in Super Bowl III. The Chargers have made the Super Bowl once in 1994 where they were destroyed by the San Francisco 49ers. That’s it.

And with the team going 4-12 last season with a 34-year-old Philip Rivers along with the Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos all looking like the class of the division, even the Padres look like a more realistic title contender.