Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Now An Owner Of The UFC

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You know you’re rich when you own the New England Patriots and it’s not even the most expensive asset in your portfolio.

It has come out as of Wednesday that the now post-deflate infamous owner was part of the group that purchased the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for a sum in the range of 4 billion dollars. There has been no word yet on the specifics regarding how much each member of the group contributed or how many members there are in total.

With a man of his status, we’re sure he knows what he’s doing when it comes to investments. Kraft paid a mere $175 million for the New England Patriots back in 1995, to which the now has an estimated worth of $3.2 billion, 4 championship later.

“According to Flo Combat, the organization has been sold to an investment group led by the William Morris Endeavor-IMG agency, which includes The Kraft Group and a pair of Chinese-based companies.
The brainchild of Boston native Dana White, UFC has made crossover stars out of fighters like Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, and Chuck Liddell, and reportedly grossed over $600 million last year.
White, who reportedly owns nearly 10 percent of the UFC, will stand to net more than $300 million in the sale while being granted an ownership stake and continuing with his role as president and promoter.”

No word if cheating will be allowed in the UFC in the near future.