BREAKING: New Vegas Hockey Team To Be Named ‘Las Vegas Johnny Manziels’


LAS VEGAS, NV – The NHL is now officially the first major professional sports league to gamble on Las Vegas.

Last week the NHL’s board of governors unanimously approved expanding to this city, making the franchise the 31st team in the National Hockey League and the first major sports franchise to land in Las Vegas.

The work before this could all be possible was extensive. Fan demographics, relevance, permanent residence numbers and tourist percentages all were taken into account before the approval could be cemented.

Though logistics had to be worked out, the city does already have a ready-equipped stadium for the team, T-Mobile Arena, located on the strip.

Now, some important questions still remain, one of the most important being what the team’s name will be.

Earlier this week it was reported that the teams name was ‘unofficially’ the ‘Black Knights’. That apparently seems to have been a rumor, as NHL insider Thisis Satire told the media that he has source confirmation that the new franchise’s name will be the ‘Las Vegas Johnny Manziel’s.’

“He’s been an integral part of our city over the past year or two. Flying in the day before a bog game, staying up and dropping thousands until he can’t keep his eyes open anymore, the amount he’s contributed to our amazing city of Las Vegas has been astounding and truly com memorable, it’s the least we could do.”

He went on to add, “Wether he’s at the club or the pools, whether he’s wearing a disguise or not, he’s one of the most recognizable faces of Vegas, we see the potential in that. An expansion team not matter the city nor sport always struggles in the first years after inception, and his name will be the perfect fit for sucking.”


As of now, there is no report that Manziel will have any ownership stake in the team.