Throwback To Buddy Ryan Running Up The Score On Cowboys With Fake Spike & TD

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Could you imagine the outrage today if this had occurred in today’s game? In an era where coaches are worried about getting their feelings hurt when the other team unnecessarily scores instead of running the clock out and when coaches are worried about upsetting the other coaches feeling, what Buddy Ryan did back in 1987 is unthinkable.

During a game when Ryan’s Eagles were facing the bitter rival Dallas Cowboys, Ryan and his team found themselves up 30-20 with just ticks left on the clock.

With just a knee to take to secure the victory, Ryan decided eh, that’s not enough. To the dismay of the Cowboys’ fedora-wearing Danny White on the opposite sideline, the Eagles ran a fake spike and went for the end zone, only to tack on the touchdown on the next play.

RIP Buddy Ryan, a guy with balls bigger than almost any coach today.