Bills Fans Already Planning 2017 Super Bowl Parade, Thousands RSVP-ed


Doing anything on Feb. 10? If you live in or around Buffalo you could attend the Super Bowl parade that’s apparently will be traveling thought town on that date.

We either think Rex Ryan’s extreme over-confidence is getting to the fans up there or Buffalo is having their water imported from Flint, because a Buffalo Bills fan group has already saved the date for the 2017 Super Bowl parade.

The Bills haven’t made the playoffs in 16 straight seasons, the longest drought in North American professional sports. Now that Cleveland has a championship, Buffalo may take the top spot as the dreariest sports city in the country. And yet, the optimism seems high; perhaps they’ve been inspired by the Cavs.

The parade, planned for the Friday after Super Bowl LI, takes an aggressive route, beginning with a rally at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park before making the 12-mile trek into downtown Buffalo. You can see the Facebook event HERE and RSVP while you’re there as well.

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Let’s be honest though,is there any other parade you’d rather attend than a Bills one after the show their fans put on last season?