NFL Players Can’t Believe The Money NBA Players Are Now Making

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Note to parents. Baseball or basketball.

With the new TV money flooding into every NBA teams salary cap, NBA players are getting paid absurd  amounts of money.


Free agents are signing contracts of record proportions this offseason, most notably the deal made Friday between the Memphis Grizzlies and PG Mike Conley. Conley’s (who’s never even made an All-Star team) 5-year deal is worth more than $150 million, and makes the richest NFL contract in history given to Andrew Luck a few days ago, look like chump change.

Conley’s contract also guarantees him more money than Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Cam Newton – combined.

NFL stars around the league weren’t shy on wondering if they should be switching sports…

Now granted there are 15 men on an NBA team while 53 on an NFL roster, yet for the amount of damage and length of the average NFL career, it’s safe to say the NFLPA is embarrassed right about now. That’s not even taking into consideration the disparity in revenue between the king that is the NFL compared to the NBA.