Firework Explodes In Nick Young’s Hand, Nearly Jason Pierre-Paul’s Himself

With the hundred of incidents cited each and every 4th of July, you’d think people would actually stop going near lit fireworks with their hands – especially when those hands make you millions of dollars and are essentially your livelihood.

Jason Pierre-Paul found that out the hard way 366 days ago, blowing off a portion of his hand after tending to fireworks himself.

Lakers point guard Nick Young could have been next.

Cellphone video obtained by TMZ shows the infamously immature Young holding a firework with his outstretched right hand outside his LA home, which went off seemingly as he expected, yet almost fell and pointed back at his hand.


Is there any other player in sports we’d expect this more from? Probably not.

All in all, good thing his buddy DeAngelo Russell was there to get it all on tape.